Ground water is the water stored in underground aquifers.

Boreholes & Wells

Where a confined aquifer contains water under positive pressure it is considered artesian, and may result in the water flowing up through a well or borehole.

More often ground water needs to be pumped up through boreholes or lifted from wells.

Groundwater treatment

Ground water is often an excellent choice from a water treatment perspective as it is normally subject to less contamination than surface water sources.  Pristine ground water sources can be drunk safely without any treatment.  A residual disinfectant is often added to keep the water pathogen free through the distribution system.

This is however not always the case, ground water can be contaminated by wastewater, industrial contamination, or even rocks that release toxins such as arsenic.  It is therefore important to conduct a water safety plan and to regularly test samples of the groundwater.

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