Water Resources

Water resources are all the potentially useful sources of water available to us.  It is well known that only 3% of the worlds water is fresh water, and of that 69% is locked up as ice and 30% under ground.  This leaves only 1% of 3% of our potential water resources as easily accessible surface water (rivers, lakes and wetlands).

Water types include:

  • Potable water – that we can drink
  • Treated effluent – polished for reuse
  • Groundwater – from boreholes & wells
  • Surface water – from rivers & lakes
  • Brackish water – slightly saline
  • Sea water – saline & most costly to use for potable purposes

In each major project we recommend a full spatial-temporal (since water availability changes with location and time of year) water balance as the first step towards Water Resources Management.

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