Water Use

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The sustainability mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” gives a hierarchy of how to maximise water sustainability.


Using less water means more than less water resources being consumed.  It also means less water needs to be treated and transferred and less wastewater needs to be collected and treated.


Next comes reuse, as if water can be used twice then this effectively reduces demand.


Finally comes recycle – confusingly this is normally referred to as water reuse. It may be sustainable to recycle as much wastewater as possible.  It is however more sustainable to reduce consumption through reduction and reuse.  This is because water recycling requires energy for treatment and often also energy for conveyance.

Water demand management

Management of water demand is the art of helping people reduce their water consumption.  This can be implemented by:

  • Technological measures, for example low flow fittings.
  • Policy decisions like water tariff setting, hosepipe bans or prohibiting the use of potable water for commercial irrigation.
  • Behavioral change campaigns, like encouraging children to turn off the tap while brushing teeth.

Water demand forecasting

Water demand forecasting is a critical component of any water balance.

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