Water Encyclopedia

Why we produced Aqueum’s Water Encyclopedia

In order to answer as many of the water questions that we are most frequently asked, we decided to put together an online encyclopedia of water.  Perhaps some day this will become an exhaustive resource covering everything you need to know about water.  For now it is more a slowly growing FAQ aimed at helping as many people as possible.  If there’s something you’d like to read about in our water encyclopedia that we haven’t yet mentioned below, please contact us and ask.  


Water Treatment




Water Networks

Why not Wikipedia?

We love wikipedia, and some of our members are active contributors to their water pages and more.  There are many other sites that give Q&As on water, in particular our members contribute to knowledgepoint and Quora.  One difficulty with these site is that they are open for all to contribute to irrespective of motives, qualifications or experience.  In some instances this leads to a sharing of ignorance; in others certain technologies and brands are pushed – sometimes blatantly and other times very discretely.  Open access websites like wikipedia and most Q&A sites are open to marketers.  Unfortunately the most active marketers often seem to be the ones with the least established products, hence the advice on these sites can be skewed.

One of the big benefits of independent consultants is that our advice is not limited to any one vendor.  By being paid directly by the client, our motives are aligned with theirs, so we can give the best advice – selecting from every technology & technique under the sun.  When we save a client money, they are more likely to use us again & recommend us to others.  Conversely, advice given by product vendors, while often technically excellent, is understandably restricted to their own product range – it takes a brave vendor to recommend a competitor’s product.  We have therefore set out to produce a water encyclopedia that is as unbiased as our consultancy – an example of our work and a service to the world.