Water Scams

Scam, hoax & pseudoscience are strong words. So, rather than directly outing specific scams or misinformation directly here, we’ll contribute and point to wikipedia. That way people can add their own counter-arguments.

Many old tricks get recycled under new names in the unending battle between the quack and the public. A number of terms below link to the same article, as they are basically the same hoax:

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Marketing Scams

Pseudoscience water molecule in superhero cape

Water is definitely good for you, and a good number of us don’t drink enough of it. However, bottled water is also big business and in this highly competitive market it is very tempting to claim that your water (or water from your purifier, gadget or gizmo) is even more healthy than average.

On the other hand, clickbait is also big business. An amusing parody to the scientific community, can also become an alluring headline. These aren’t necessarily scams, but we have included a number of common terms above to avoid confusion.

Total Dissolved Solids

We can’t find a good wikipedia article on the misinformation around benefits of ultra-low TDS. It’s easy to convince the public that less of anything in their water is good for them. Therefore giving an unwitting internet influencer a free TDS meter can be great marketing. However, magnesium and calcium improves taste and is good for you. Conversely too low TDS results in aggressive water that is likely to dissolve worse contaminants.